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Shore Brand Media (SBM) is an established production and marketing agency with years of experience. Shore Brand Media takes companies and products through the necessary steps of creating a successful DRTV campaign, or hi-impact video production. Over the years SBM has helped numerous clients from all backgrounds craft the most effective program possible for their product or service. Whether you are an entrepreneurial inventor, or a Fortune 500 corporation we can create a video production you will be proud of. Shore Brand Media was founded by Executive Producer Mark Solley who has a wealth of experience in DRTV, product development, video production, and campaign management. By providing this expertise to new and established businesses we ensure that our clients get the most from their direct response and other production initiatives.

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DRTV and more

Shore Brand Media's creative production has been seen throughout the world. Our creative team can rise to any challenge. Want to sell a gadget? We can do that; do you need explain a complicated scientific theory? We can show you how. Do you need twenty people to give a rousing endorsement for your Product? We can put that together. Do you want beautiful people to be seen using your product? That’s a task we can do! No matter what the production element is we have done it, or we know how to do it. Look at our body of work, you can find it by clicking samples. If you think Shore Brand Media’s production is first class, imagine what we can do for your brand building corporate, informational, DRTV project, fund raising political, or custom production.

Why Video?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why video is such a powerful tool. Technology today provides multiple platforms for a viewer to watch a video. Video content can be streamed to computers, watched on iPads, mobile devices, laptops, it can be integrated into websites, played at trade shows, or broadcast on TV. Let us create an engaging video that really grabs a viewers attention.

Why Television?

The very first broadcast of a television commercial was back on NBC July 1st 1941. Bulova Watches paid just $9.00 for a ten second ad. How times have changed! Television is still one of the most effective vehicles to sell a product or get a message out to the masses. Today though with hundreds of television channels, plus advances and growth in the digital arena it has become harder to create an ad that can cut through the clutter. That’s where the creative team at Shore Brand Media can help.

Why Motion Graphics and visual effects?

Motion Graphics, animation and composting allows the filmmakers to provide the audience with a view that they normally would not be able to see. It lets us look Inside the human body, see the mechanics of how a device works, or gives us an extreme close up view of a product. Motion Graphics lets us deliver a message in a powerful highly visual way. Shore Brand Media Post production team are creative masters in this digital arena.


We can help you!

  • The Bean - Over 20 million dollars in sales!

  • Duralube - 100 million dollars of sales….. a year!


  • EZ Krunch 80 Million dollars in sales

  • Powerwash 40 Million dollars in sales

  • GS 27 30 million dollars in sales



We're happy to help you!

Shore Brand Media is a NJ based video production company that works on projects of all sizes for local, national and international clients alike. We are proud to be located in downtown Ashbury Park, NJ. Asbury Park has a vibrant and creative flavor to it. Art galleries, coffee shops and hip restaurants. Its also the home to several famous music venues including the Stone Pony, Where Bruce Springsteen played before he became a household name. Call us today and let some of this hip flavor flow into your production.

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